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    Overview: Pei Qian, an ordinary migrant worker, was accidentally bound to the wealth conversion system, which gave him a good opportunity to spend money in business and start his life over again. However, the system stipulates that you can only earn one yuan if you make a profit of 100 yuan, but all the money you lose can go into your own pocket. In order to lose money, Pei Qian chose the high-risk, money-burning game industry, and deliberately produced "alternative" games that went against the rules of the market. However, he unexpectedly became popular time and time again, earning a lot of money, and painfully became Pei Qian is the "business wizard" admired by everyone, but only Pei Qian understands that I really just want to lose money... (Source: Bilibili, Google translated)
    • Native: 亏成首富从游戏开始
    • Synonyms: The Richest Man In Game
    • Rate: PG-13 - Teens 13 or older
    • Aired: Feb 3, 2024 to ?
    • Duration: 15M
    • Name: Kui Cheng Shoufu Cong Youxi Kaishi
    • Genre: Comedy Fantasy
    • Studio: Foch Films
    • Producer: Bilibili

    Characters and Voice Actors

    Pei, Qian


    Hailu, Xin


    Wan, Lin


    Yang, Ma



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